The origin of the sunflower, according to Greek mythology began with a nymph named Clytie. Clytie adored Apollo. Apollo, was the son of Zeus and was himself, the sun god! Apollo would travel from east to west everyday on his golden boat. Clytie would watch with an unwavering stare as he moved across the sky. Sadly for poor Clytie she was ignored by Apollo. As the legend goes,  Clytie sat on a rock for nine days without food or water watching Apollo sail from east to west, she developed roots and became a flower, she became known as the sunflower.

The sunflower is noted throughout many cultures worldwide and is associated with truth honesty and loyalty. The brilliance of the yellow petals, the magic in its movements and sustenance in its seeds has given it many admirers ranging from poets to painters. This majestic flower that dances throughout the day.

Heliotropism is the phenomenon of flowers following the sun across the sky. So, imagine for a moment, a young sunflower, every morning awakens facing the east and moves toward the west throughout the day, following the sun, just like the more mature sunflowers before him have done. He doesn’t question, he just follows, almost like he has been programmed to do it!

Now, apply this to us, as children, for the most part, we blindly follow our parents, do as we are told, believe what they believe and what they tell us, our own family of sunflowers. What’s wrong with that I hear you ask, well imagine your parents beliefs are that you are no good, useless, will never amount to anything, deserve nothing!

As we get older we can begin to question how our parents brought us up, their beliefs etc but in most cases our self esteem, how we think of ourselves, is so deeply etched into our programme that we believe it so strongly and don’t question, this low self esteem trickles through every part of our being, our work, our relationships we don’t realise it, we don’t question it, just like the sunflower, we ‘dance’ from east to west without even realising there’s a north and a south. These negatives thoughts about ourself are as automatic as breathing.

For example, a child growing up in a loving supportive home were they feel safe and respected in most cases develop into adults with a high self esteem, feel more comfortable making their own decisions and generally succeed in life.

For a child that grows up in a negative home, for example being consistently criticised and put down, who was physically or sexually abused, ignored or if perfection is expected from them all the time will for the most part grow up with low self esteem.

At some point or other in our life we may feel some form of self doubt, but when this self doubt is a constant, our lives can go in a very different direction,  never saying the things we want to say, never doing the things we want to do, not liking what we see in the mirror, not applying for our dream job, sure what would be the point, right? There’s so many more people more deserving of that chance than you! These thoughts are so deeply embedded in our minds and it can be quite a challenge to change them.

Fortunately for us, through the use of hypnotherapy, we can change the music to which we dance, we can change and update our subconscious beliefs.

How does hypnosis achieve this? Simple, we just reprogram. Hypnosis helps you to be the best version of you and not only be the best you can be but truly believe it, and believe in yourself.

Hypnosis accesses these automatic negative thoughts and through the power of suggestion we can begin to remove them and reprogram that inner voice to empower us and rid ourselves of all our negative thinking.

As beautiful and special as the sunflower may be, remember there is only ONE you, you too are special but you are also unique and have so much to offer this world, don’t believe me? I know something that can help change your mind!