Get Insomnia results in 2-4 sessions!

Irish Hypnosis Ltd. have developed powerful methods to help clients with Sleep Problems. Using these methods we can help you in eliminate or significantly reduce the symptoms of Insomnia.

Hypnosis is recognised as a fantastic tool in helping promote a good night sleep. Insomnia is generally caused by a racing mind or our lack of ability to relax. If you go to bed and relax completely you will fall asleep.

Hypnosis treatment has advantages which makes it an attractive option for many Insomnia sufferers with chronic and severe symptoms:

  • It is a relaxing form of treatment and generally very enjoyable.
  • It is completely without negative side effects.
  • The treatment sometimes results in improvement in other symptoms or problems such as anxiety, migraine or tension headaches.
  • The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment.
Ready to sleep Like a baby again?
“After suffering with unexplained diarrhoea for nearly 5 years and getting to a stage of not being able to leave my own house, I cannot believe the difference. I had tried so many methods and this was a last resort. I feel so good. I got my confidence back. I feel alive inside. Thank you so much”
Dermott P.. / Belfast