Anger Management

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to get control of your emotions and let go of pent up anger. Anger is often a symptom of other emotions or factors in our lives. It can be an expression of stress, fear, sadness or depression, or the impression of not feeling we are in control of our own lives. Hypnosis can help sort out the real emotions behind anger and direct that energy toward more productive behaviours.

The term “anger management” is used lightly these days and sometimes in a joking way. However, uncontrolled anger is no laughing matter. It can lead to hurt feelings, damaged relationships and much worse, physical harm to property or people. Road rage is one example of uncontrolled anger that can lead to physical and even deadly consequences.

Hypnosis works to control anger by actually getting rid of it. When the person undergoing hypnosis for anger is able to completely relax, the anger is released. The thought processes about situations that would manifest themselves with expressions of anger are changed. Hypnosis is able to trigger more appropriate responses to such stimuli so that the real emotions are expressed. Anger then becomes a thing of the past and expressed in a controlled manner and only when an angry response is normal.

Through hypnosis the body and mind are put into a relaxed state. This enables information already contained within the brain to be restructured so that when a situation arises, a constructive emotional response is recalled and used.

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